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There is an army of delivery boys on the roads representing various restaurants, grocery stores and chemists, and therefore an equally large variety of delivery bags. If you are an establishment scouting the market for high quality food delivery bags in particular, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind.

 Easy availability: It is always a good idea to source food delivery bags from a renowned and reliable company like BikeKit – a manufacturer with a number of suppliers across the world is exactly what you want for a smoothly running business. The suppliers should also be prompt in delivering and addressing any challenges you may face with their delivery bags.

One-wipe clean: Post pandemic hygiene and cleanliness have taken on a new meaning. Since food delivery bags are the most likely to get soiled and be home to germs and infection, it is even more important that they should be made of a fabric that is easy to clean. One should be able to wipe it with a disinfectant so that it is immediately free of germs, grime and odour and ready for the next delivery.  

Flexible to carry: It is important for food delivery bags to be flexible if they are to be carried on the shoulders of a rider. Hence they must have thick and cushioned adjustable straps for ease and comfort. Some food delivery boxes are mounted on the motor bike of a rider as companies like BikeKit believe the rider’s comfort level is as important since he has to drive a lot through the day.

Flexible storage: Thermal bags for food delivery need to be expandable and designed in a way that they can accommodate all shapes and sizes of delivery packages. This feature will save the rider time as he will not have to come back again and again to the restaurant and it will also save the company a lot of money.

Branding opportunity: Marketing departments of organizations are on the lookout for tools they can use to promote their brand. A food delivery bag is a new age marketing tool, therefore select one with care. It should have ample space for the logo, contact details and even the tagline of your company to be printed. It would be great if the food delivery bag could be of a colour of your choice, and not just the regular black. In this way wherever the rider will go, so will your brand and attract a lot of eyeballs.  

Safety: Considering delivery bags deliver food, it is critical for the bag to be completely safe. Therefore, the material needs to be firm and the fasteners and zippers strong enough to keep the items in place. There is no room for spills when delivering food as it will only bring trouble to the company and the rider. What’s more even the rider’s safety while driving is dependent on it.    

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