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BikeKit delivery bags: Optimum blend of innovation and intelligence

Content: Who would have thought back in the 1800’s that delivery bags for food and groceries would become such a necessity! People were making do with cloth or at best paper and that is it. Cut to 1900s one of the most common delivery bags are made of woven nylon fabric and have polyester fiber fill. On cue a company in Dubai by the name of BikeKit saw immense potential in the delivery bags and boxes category and turned the idea on its head. It plunged into manufacturing and supplying professional-grade delivery bags and boxes initially for the trade market of UAE and in a matter of years started catering to the entire world.   

Product portfolio

BikeKit, a niche player that caters to the demands of the Last Mile Delivery segment is manufacturing and supplying products in the verticals of Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety and Rider Wellness. As a company, BikeKit carries sustainability close to its heart and offers delivery bags that are designed by experts in Dubai who use recycled material to make them. While, the product portfolio is fairly large, plain delivery bags and LED delivery bag are the hottest selling as they carry sensitive items such as food, grocery, and medicines.

Plain delivery bags

One of the first products introduced by BikeKit, plain delivery bags are easy on the pocket and big on delivery. Meant to be mounted on the shoulders of a rider, they offer great ergonomic comfort. The cushioned and adjustable shoulder straps make it convenient for the rider to carry even if its full to capacity. Made from quality raw material the bags are neatly stitched and the best part is that they can be personalized to suit a company’s marketing strategy. These bags have convenient openings either on the top or on the side and have superior quality insulation to keep the food at its desired temperature.

LED delivery bag

From its vast range of unique products, the LED delivery bag is miles ahead. A large-sized backpack measuring 42cm x 42cm, the bag is meant to be carried by the rider on his shoulders. To make it easy to carry thick, well cushioned adjustable straps that act as support have been added so that even if the bag is filled to the top it still remains comfortable to carry. It is made of the Oxford material that is tough and water-resistant and the overall look including the stitching is highly professional. Known to be an effective strategic marketing tool, it is possible to customize the bags as per a brand’s requirement of size, colour, specifications, and so on. The LED delivery bag has one 12 V or 1 AMP LED backlit panel that offers unique branding opportunities for companies to display their contact details and tag lines. It doubles up as a unique safety feature since it lights up the path of a rider thus saving him from falls and accidents.

It is for a reason BikeKit is at the number one position in the logistics business. So what are you waiting for? Call us today! #plain delivery bags, led delivery bag